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Yosemite coaches operate
a smooth baseball team
by Barry Ferris
of the sierra star

    George McWherter has been Yosemite High School's head baseball coach since l990.
    His smoothly-run program is assisted by Dan Roberts.
    Roberts began his tenure with McWherter in l994. Coach Roberts is a Hoover High School graduate. He played for Fresno State and at one time signed a pro-contract as an infielder. Roberts coaches the pitchers and outfielders.
    McWherter, like most successful veteran coaches, skillfully allocates areas of responsibilities. Coach Roberts calls most of the pitches, and he appears to be very good at it.
    McWherter has been coaching since he was l6 years old. His first was a Babe Ruth team. The year was 1962. They won the league with seven 13-year-olds on the team. The teams record was 18-2.
    George was an assistant coach at Culver City High School from 1975-83.
    He spent two years coaching West Los Angeles Junior College. He coached Warren Moon, and George tells the story of Moon's dilemma about the signing of a baseball or football scholarship. Of course Moon went on to be an all-pro quarterback in the National Football League.
    George claims Moon could have made it in baseball. He had a "rifle" for an arm, the coach recalls.
    McWherter worked for the Culver City Police Department for 19 years before hurting his back.
    He moved north to Madera, where he was an assistant at Madera High School from l986 to 1988. He arrived at Yosemite High School in l990.
    He has only missed the playoffs once and has won the last six league championships.
    Yosemite, under McWherter's coaching, has won the Valley championships in 1994,1996 and 1998.
    From his summer league program, 52 athletes have received scholarships, and 18 have signed pro contracts.
    He has coached Ted Lilly who is now playing in triple A. Lilly was on McWherter's '94 team, and George coached Darren Jackson, a Major League player with the Whitesoxs.
    "We run a good disciplined program. We want our players to learn how to win. But we want our athletes to leave with something more than just winning. We want them to be effective citizens and to display confidence in a meaningful way, says coach McWherter.
    Yosemite travels to Garces Friday [May 14] to play Garces.


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